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100mm 3.6N S Fibolite 850

100mm 3.6N S Fibolite 850

  • Description:

    Fibo 850/950 super lightweight concrete blocks are suitable for generalpurpose walling applications. They provide a good base for plasters, renders and fixings, and the 100mm option combines easy handling with great thermal efficiency values. Manufactured to BS EN 771-3, they consist of expanded clay aggregates and a mixture of other naturally occurring raw materials and cement. The clay aggregate is produced from carefully selected clays, which are bloated through heat expansion to create a low density, porous aggregate with numerous cavities. This makes Fibo 850/950 incredibly light and thermally efficient.



    Fibo 850/950 are suitable for housing and building extension projects. They can also be used to construct walls in buildings where blockwork with a low self-weight has been specified (e.g., partition walls on floor slabs). Typical locations include: The inner and outer leaves of external cavity walls High-strength walls of up to 7.3N (using Fibo 950) Internal walls, including fire break walls Below ground (7.3N/mm² strength blocks should be used for walls exposed to the external ground) For use in separating walls meeting the requirements of Part E of the Building Regulations, we recommend the use of products from the Ash GP and Lignacrete ranges.


    Unit Weight: 8.5kg

VAT Included




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